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EW Fundamentals Poster

This headline took me by surprise. New! Electronic Warfare Fundamentals Poster

On the surface, it is frightening to think about such things. But there are people in the world that must do so. I guess teaching "the fundamentals" was the part that caught my eye. As if there are ANY fundamentals to electronic warfare. What it shows is a deeply embedded culture of engineers and technicians who create and weaponize electronics to detect and destroy our enemies. Hopefully they are our enemies and not civilians. If you are in this business & would like to learn more, click HERE.

More information about the poster:

"This poster contains a radar warning receiver and DRFM based jammer block diagrams, a compare and contrast of Radar versus EW, basic equations, cross-eye jamming, modern jamming techniques, three areas of EW; common acronyms and the latest hardware and software for electronic warfare test and measurement." -- Keysight Technologies

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