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Why women fail in STEM later on

We thought things were going well for girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs. And, they are going pretty well. That is, until the girls become women. Then they are stifled in their course towards an actual career in STEM.

This amazing and depressing group of studies outlined in the following article shows how sexism is ground into our society. It can't be rooted out without constant vigilance on the part of hiring institutions. The fact that men are regarded more highly than women with the same qualifications is, in the end, not too surprising. But, it is still a sad sign of the times. The only place where women were regarded as highly as men was in an area where they already dominate.

I was just looking at a website of a technology company I am researching. The photos of the managers: all white men. With 40 years or more of female engineers graduating, surely each company can find and afford to have women represented among the top ranks. [This particular company is very large, having combined 3 companies.] I presume they had lots of choices. Maybe not. Perhaps no single female engineer was in a position to move into the top ranks. If true, boo on them!

Read the above article, and also this one written 6 years ago in the BoingBoing blog.

Make up your own mind what to do about it!

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