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What's coming in Microwaves & RF?

My son Wesley and I thought we would have a little fun.

We both attended the International Microwave Symposium in San Francisco a couple weeks ago. I was amazed at the leaps forward in technology, even since last year's event. The IMS 2016 was well attended and exhibitors were pleased.

Wes has a video camera. We decided to walk around the show floor & just talk to people randomly. I asked them what's up in their booth & how the show was going for them. We got more than we needed on videotape. I wish we could do a longer version. I don't know if engineers would look at it, or not. The longer version (our first cut) was about 25 minutes.

It was a lot of fun. We wrestled to get this video down to a "mere" 10 minutes.

I hope you enjoy it!

Also, here's the news release that goes with the video.


JUNE 21, 2016



Debra L. Seifert, Managing Partner

Debra Seifert Communications LLC

+1(503) 626-7539


10-minute video highlights key innovations from the International Microwave Symposium 2016

PORTLAND, ORE. —JUNE 21, 2016—Debra Seifert Communications presents a mini-movie on YouTube, providing a retrospective look at the International Microwave Symposium 2016. The trade show was held in San Francisco in May.

This 10-minute video reviews new product offerings from exhibitors such as Analog Devices, Eastern OptX, Keysight Technologies, Maury Microwave, Mini-Circuits, Pico Technology, Skyworks, Noise XT, NXP and more.

Walk through the aisles with Debra Seifert as she chats with exhibitors about the latest technology advancements. Exhibitors are showing how they create “small cells” for filling in mobile cellular and Wi-Fi coverage gaps; how a radar scenario generator can measure and calculate winter snow pack to estimate fresh water availability; and the traditional test & measurement companies, who show engineers how to determine which signals are flowing where, how often, and how fast, through their circuits and systems.

Enjoy watching “Impressions of IMS”

About Debra Seifert Communications LLC

Debra Seifert Communications was founded in 2008. We are a boutique public relations agency specializing in content creation focused on explaining complex electronics technology to many audiences, from engineers to the general public.

Debra Seifert Communications is located in Portland, Oregon and can be reached at +1(503) 626-7539 or email at View website at

About WXY Entertainment LLC

WXY Entertainment is a video production and management business. The Company was created in Cambridge by Wesley X. Yurovchak while a student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where Wes was graduated in 2014. He is now located in Portland.

WXY Entertainment creates compelling content for artists, musicians, and anyone who seeks exposure through video content. Wes can be reached at +1(971) 227-1436 or by email at View more videos at

Editor notes:

This video was produced independent of any sponsors or contributions.

Debra Seifert Communications LLC and WXY Entertainment LLC are the sole producers of this content. Eastern OptX and Noise XT are clients of Debra Seifert Communications.

No other companies mentioned here are clients.

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